Ana Boot Camp (ABC) and 2468 Diet Plan:Results Compared

There are various type of diet plans that claim to be the best and fastest at losing weight. A few of them, which are most popular in the world of ana diets are, The Ana Boot Camp(ABC Diet) and the 2468 Diet plan. Many people who follow the pro ana lifestyle to lose weight know about these two diets. But the big question here is that, does the ABC diet and the 2468 diet actually works and which diet’s results are better. Many people showoff their before and after images after trying these diets, but we here are going to see what these diets actually are, and what’s their time table.

Pro Ana Diet Plans

These types of diets usually requires people to stay very strict about the diet and follow the diet completely without cheating. They also might take a lot of time and yet are very controversial because of the various harms and risks included in following this diet. The rules in these anorexic diets are considerably strict and hard to follow and also they can very tough for new people to follow. Now, here we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 most popular diets that are Ana Boot Camp(ABC) diet and the 2468 diet. And conclude that, do they actually work or not?


Ana Boot camp: abc dietAs the name says, it’s a boot camp type of diet. This diet restricts a person to an intake of 100 to 800 calories a day with a fast every 10 days when you cannot intake any calories. The least we can say that is, the abc diet is a very tough meal plan to follow. Basically the motive of this diet is to eat different quantities of calories ranging from 100 to 800 on different days so that you can trick your body into taking the least amount of calories. This can slow down your body metabolism, which can be risky. Therefore we do not recommend this type of diet to anyone. According to medical experts, the minimum amount of calories you take in a day should range from 1200 to 1500 calories.

Why ABC Diet Might Not Give You Results:

A study shows that the abc diet plan can lead you to gain weight in the long run instead of losing weight. Let us explain, when you are following the ana boot camp diet your body starts getting used to it and starts storing all the calories you eat by slowing down the other metabolism. Now at some point you’ll stop following abc diet but by then body has learned to store all calories it gets. So, when you return to a normal diet, you will start gaining more weight than you did earlier. This is why many people say that Abc diet results are very poor in long term.

Our Verdict

According to us you should not follow this type of diet as it can be harmful for your body. The average intake of calories in the abc diet is lower than the minimum recommended by the doctors. So, we recommend you to not follow such a diet and instead go for a program which is much more specific about its techniques, has proper support and is actually proven to work at much faster rates than the common ana diets.


The 2468 DIET

The 2468 is another very popular diet plan which is followed by several people who wish to lose weight by following the anorexic lifestyle. This diet also requires very thorough determination and a strong will and control to follow. In the 2468 diet plan, the follower should take only 200 calories on the first day, 400 calories on the second day then 600 calories on the third day and 800 calories on the fourth day. This cycle has to followed repeatedly until you reach your target. There are strict rules in this diet which says not to take any snacks or other form of calories in between.

How are the Results of 2468 Diet

Now again, this diet suggests its followers to take way too less calories than the minimum average calories you should take in a day. This can be very unhealthy and we do not recommend such diets to anyone until they have proper support or is backed by a medical expert. But again there is another method, which is very much different from all these regular diets and is much better than them. It has changed several lives and has awesome secret ways that you won’t find openly available. We have provided more info about that diet in the below paragraph.

Over To You

Having a look at such diets shows us that how bad they can be for your body and why you should not follow them. Now the real question that arises here is, What type of diet should you do to lose weight fast, which is also safe for your body. For this we have found the perfect solution for you. A diet system which has proper support, is safe to follow and proven to help you lose 12-23  pounds in just 3 weeks. This magical diet plan is known as the 3 week Diet program will help you shed all the extra weight you don’t want and will even teach you how you can stabilize your weight where you want it.

Show Me The 3 Week Diet

The 3 week Diet has some awesome and very less known methods and tricks that were not revealed to common people till now. We highly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about losing weight and get their dream look they always wanted. But at the end we will also like to add that you should always consult a medical expert before going on any type of diet. You should also calculate you BMI(Body mass index) before starting any diet, and do not try to lose weight if your calculated BMI is appropriate or lesser than the appropriate level. Hope you liked this article and helped you clear your doubts about the Ana Boot Camp(abc diet) and the 2468 diet . Do not forget to share this with your friends who want lose some weight. Also, feel free to comment below any kind of doubts you may have, and we will try our best to answer them.


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