Where to Find A Pro Ana Buddy To Chat About Your Diet

Many people decide to choose the ana lifestyle to lose weight but most of them fail to continue after the first week only. The reason behind this is lack of motivation and determination. To solve this problem, it is highly suggested that you share your story with a friend. A person who is in a similar condition as yours and has decided to follow the same path. It is recommended that you search for a harsh ana buddy who can stay strict with you and help you stay on track. When you talk to someone about your problems and routines, it is much easier solve them instead of sorting out on your own. A person who knows what kinds of problems can come in this lifestyle and understands your feelings is very necessary if you wish to follow the pro ana diet lifestyle.

My best buddy wasn’t any human. It was this thing that helped me reach my goals way before even I expected. According to my experience, a fitness tracker is more important than a buddy, as it shows you real stats of how your diet is going on and  what you should do to get better results.


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Search A Harsh Pro Ana Buddy

Finding a good buddy is very important, it is recommended that you stay very strict and harsh on your ana buddy and vice-versa. If you try to feel tempted to break the diet or feel de-motivated, your friend should be able to motivate you and remind you to get back to your ana diet. Your buddy should be able to put in as much effort as you are doing, be it on the diet part or the the workout part. Currently it is very hard to find an Ana Buddy according to your needs, but we at Pro Ana Tips and Tricks have made a premium facebook group, where you can share your details and find a like minded ana buddy according to your needs. Several girls have found their perfect ana buddy through our platform and are able to go follow the pro ana lifestyle correctly.

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Why You Need to Chat With  Ana Buddy

There are many reasons why you should have a special friend. Some reasons because of which people try to find an ana buddy are,ana buddy kik chat

  1. Keep Going
    Whenever you feel down and think of quitting your ana diet, just talk to your pro ana buddy. A good friend will remind you why you started and will motivate you to keep going on and follow your diet properly so that you can achieve you weight loss target successfully.
  1. Discussing Problems
    If you ever get problems while following the anorexic diet you can discuss it with your buddy. It is always better to discuss your problems with someone instead of acting on your own. Specially in case of this type of diet, if you are not talking to anyone in your family about this, then you should definitely consult your ana buddy and also a doctor if you face any kind of problems.
  2. Remind You, Why You Started
    Sometimes you just feel like quitting your diet. In days like those, if you have a special friend who understands your feelings can help you remind you why you actually started and why you shouldn’t quit your diet. Then, it would be a lot easier for you to follow the diet properly.
  1. Staying Strict
    Another very important thing is that your pro ana buddy with whom you talk on kik or WhatsApp should be very strict or otherwise if she is soft on you, then it can even have a negative effect on your diet plan and you may end up gaining weight instead of losing it. If your buddy is not taking the diet seriously then it means he/she is not a good ana buddy.
  1. Staying Positive
    There are a lot of cases where people lose hope and stop paying attention to their objectives. Some people might get depressed when they don’t get expected results. For those moments, your buddy can be you savior and help you stay positive about your decisions.

Chat With Ana Buddy On Kik

Most of girls chat with their pro ana buddies on kik or whatsapp, you can easily contact your buddy once have their username and mobile number. In our premium facebook group, which you can join by applying here we try to help everyone find ana buddy for themselves and exchange contact details. We also try to conduct a lot of good discussions on anorexic lifestyle for people who are suffering from anorexia. We also encourage our members to share their experiences and tips to follow the ana lifestyle safely and easily.

We hope you liked this article and after you join our group on facebook, you will surely find yourself the best ana buddy to chat with. You can also leave your feedback in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this article with all your friends.



  1. Nichole says:

    Hey im really looking for a strict ana coach who won’t leave or lie to me…
    kik me- nicholetidwell15

  2. Hi I’m looking to find someone that won’t bs me and will push me and help me.

    kik me: thatshaniadork

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I need a harsh ana coach. I’m 15. I’m a girl. I weigh far too much. My relapse has set in and I don’t want to fight it. My kik is cotton_kitteh.

  4. I need a buddy that will push me

  5. Guys , need a kick buddy! Mgkk123450 add me!

  6. I need a harsh coach. I’m an overweight pig who needs someone to motivate me. I’m 5’5 and I weigh a disgusting 265lbs.

  7. Stats: 15 y/o. 5’10” SW:168 CW:150-157 (mom threw scale away recently) GW:120. Please help. I need someone seriously harsh and strict. I’m a great coach I can just never do it by myself any more. Pro Ana for 3 years and relapsed twice. I don’t have kik so please text me 757-717-4556 in in the east coast and also my Instagram : keepin_life_simple

  8. harsh but fair says:

    if anyone has a Twitter I’m @liveproana and I’m a strict coach.

  9. Hello, could you by my buddy? I’m so fat fat fat and fat. I need somebody who will be so harsh to me. I need somebody who will be hard to me. I’m 159cm and 55kg.
    Kik: lubka013

  10. I would love to my kik is sho98248 txt me If u want I’m turning 18 this upcoming month but I would love someone who is strict w me and if thts wat y wat I’ll be strict w u

  11. I’m looking for a texting (kik) buddy! I’m more on the mia side vs. ana but I mix kind of both? I NEED to lose weight for my upcoming wedding! I’m 19 and have fought for years to maintain Mia/Ana habits. My kik is Singing_Amanda

  12. Harsh proana coach happy to support and help 18+ girls. Good success record. I’m 30 from uk

  13. I’m 15 5’9-10 and 175lbs I’m so fat!!! my goal weight is 130lbs I need a STRICT coach KIK: devil.tay SNAPCHAT: blehitstaylor

  14. Hi! I need a motivator! I really want too loose weight and I want a buddy who can help me!! I’m 15 and weigh 170lbs which is too much.. I’m trying to loose as much as possible so someone please help!

  15. I’m 16 5’5 and I’m new to this. I really need an ana buddy that can keep me on track to perfection. CW:110 GW: 90. my kik is midnightthoughtss please contact me if interested!

  16. Looking for an ana buddy, I am 160 cm and 49kg, the heaviest I have ever been. My lowest weight was 34 kg, want to get back there. I am 18. My kik is lili.starfly

  17. Hi, I’m a 16 year old girl from UK, looking for a pro ana buddy to help me lose weight and also help me work out how to exercise. CW: 9 stone 4 pounds GW: 8 stone kik: just.breathing. with a dot at the end.

  18. Hi, I’m looking for a very strict ana buddy, someone who won’t be nice to me when I mess up. Who will speak their mind about what I’m doing wrong even if i don’t want to hear It. I need someone that will make me meet my goal weight.
    I DONT need a ana buddy that will be nice to me. I need someone serious. I don’t have time for sweethearts.
    If you’re this way, and will help me achieve my goal weight than my kik is
    Thankyou for your time

  19. Hey. I’m 16 Y/O and I am looking for someone experienced. I have a lot of questions as I am new to this. I want someone to push me hard as I am not one to ease into things. I either go all in, or don’t go in at all. Motivation is key for me, and I need someone that will keep me on track.
    SW: 139 lbs
    CW: 127 lbs
    GW: 105 lbs or until I like what I see
    No bullshiters. Don’t go easy on me.
    To give you a better idea of what I look like, my height is 5’4
    Contact me on KIK: HeyThereImH1011
    My name is Hannah. It would be great if you could contact me ASAP. Thanks

  20. I really really really need an ana buddy. I’ve fallen off track so hard in the last week, and I feel disgusting. I’m 5’2″ and now I’m 95lbs My goal is 80lbs and my lowest was 90.

    My kik is Ataleofaimee please add me and help save me

  21. Looking for a strict ana buddy
    Kik ; skinnyisall

  22. carpediem_01
    Kik me for Ana buddy

  23. Text me @_.thin.and.bones._ if you are interested in coaching me 🙂 I REALLY need it! Please???!?

  24. kpopsicles says:

    Looking for a buddy who’s strict but understanding! Probably will not share photos (not until I reach my goal) but might share a few?? Talk to me on kik- kpopsicles. Preferably someone from the UK so times work but anywhere will do! ):

  25. hi im 14 and I need a pro ana buddy I cant seem to stay on track I need someone who is strict
    email me at zanderbell321@gmail.com

  26. Hey x
    I need a strict Ana-buddy who won’t lie to my fat ass and will actually be a person and not feel like a robot.
    My name is Fae 🙂
    Kik: NightSkyBright

  27. If you are for real, please message me on kik a_izzy_bb

  28. Hey I need a strict Ana buddy to really push me and i can do the same in return or if you’re down to just coach perfect, email me, my name is Daisy.
    Email: screwyouimanartist@gmail.com

  29. Hi, I really need a coach to push me and be hard on me when I mess up, when I’m feeling like eating and seeking advice. It would be great if we could be friends at the same time! Tough love, sort of?
    I have all types of social media, but I’ll just give a few!
    Kik: kolleeflowerr_
    Whatsapp: +61406722953
    Skype : kyiharuman613
    MyFitnessPal: LuluUltedScrub
    If you’re also in a support group or want to go through this together please add me also! I need a buddy badly.

  30. I need a harsh Ana buddy/coach.
    I’ve been trying to be Ana for quite a while now but I need someone to keep me motivated because lately I kind of lost my track.
    If you motivate me, I will motivate you back.
    I am 5’4″
    CW: 114-115 lbs
    GW: 95 lbs

    Kik me at: LaLana002

    • I have the same stats as you if you still need an Ana buddy. I’m just starting but I can be a real bitch. My goal weight is also 90-95!

  31. Hello, I really need an Ana buddy, I’m 5’5 and weigh 104 pounds. I’m 14 and you can message me on Kik at: l_catner

    I would love to become friends with someone and we can help each other! 🙂

    • Looking for people to push me! Need discipline. Please help kik: pinkmilk14

    • Wanting to be thinner says:

      You said this a while back but if you’re still interested I’m 19 5’2″ and 133 lbs. i don’t have a kik but I have literally everything else so if you’re still interested contact mr

  32. Have had a ED for over a year, snapchat is Ribelarsi Instagram is Ribellarsi on or snap me if you need to talk.

  33. Hello
    I need a buddy I am 5 foot 6 and weigh 131 pounds. My email is liana.sanneh@hotmail.com
    Kik- li.sanneh

  34. I’m 18 and around 160 lbs I really need a STRICT** Ana coach that will motivate me and give me very strict rules!
    kik: peachvomit

  35. Hi I’m a young 30 year old looking for a pro ana, strict, harsh buddy. I’m able to chat all day etc 5 foot 7 currently 133 pounds. I have lost 49 pounds in last two years but now really want to get down to my goal weight of 112 and maybe more when I reach that. Anyone 18+ is fine. My best friend is 21 🙂 kik wonderful1122

  36. you are exactly what i am looking for it seems overtime i make a buddy they leave or they are too weak kid me and then i will give you my iMessage 🙂 my name is Madi btw

  37. I’m 17. Please Kik me skinnyysouls

  38. Hi my name is Katy looking for a buddy that will help me with the pro ana lifestyle
    Kik Katy_xn

  39. Floatingbutterfly says:

    I’m looking for an Ana buddy. I need a motivator. I have a bad habit of sabotaging myself probably because no one around me is ever happy for my weight loss. I need that person who will be happy for me and to remind me how hard I work for every pound lost so that I can keep pushing and get to my goal. It would be great to have a friend who gets it and who I don’t have to hide from.
    Kik floatingbutterfly_22

  40. Hi looking for a Ana buddy to push each other and reach our goals together, or if you’re down to just coach that’s cool too. My Kik is Rubie789 message there or drop your username/number/email.

  41. Alyssa says:

    I am in need of an Ana buddy who will help keep me on track and make me eat less, but who also understands me and can help me overcome this disorder.
    I don’t have a kik, but my email is alyssa.ellsworth@gmail.com

  42. Destinee says:

    I need a really harsh Ana coach because I weigh way too much for my age and I’m 19

  43. I’m in need of a ana buddy to help motivate and be strict with me, but if you need a coach also I can be one. Kik me Black_Cat_Luck

  44. Please i don’t have your age but please per us help. I will follia to the letter, you can compact me on kik crupisiriamaria

  45. Lorraine says:

    I would like someone to be my strict Ana Buddy. Email me on lorraine8708@gmail.com

  46. Also looking for a HARSH ana coach/buddy who can help me lose these last ten pounds. kik me @ lateyesterday if you’re interested.

  47. I need a pro ana buddy. I’m determined to lose 7-10 kg in 2 weeks and I’ll help you aswell ma kik me- Lajceem

  48. Hey! I need strict ana buddy ASAP! Im 18. Want to lose 5-7 kg now!!

    My kik is: paulatheweirdgirl

  49. charlotte says:

    I really need an ana coach, I’m 24 kik me newwgirl24
    Hope to hear from someone soon!

  50. melissa says:

    i’m looking for a pro ana couch email me if you will be my couch

  51. In need of an ana buddy, really need someone to help me restrict and keep me motivated to fast, i’ve tried to do it alone, and it’s defenitely easier to have someone to do it with me.
    Kik me: BringMeTheJelly (how ironic is that name)

  52. I need an Ana buddy! I’m 19 and 5’4 and 160 lbs. Kik me: Neonheartz444

    • Hi Sierra, I’m an 18 year old girl, 5’3″. I’ve started at 140lbs, and I’m currently about 113-115 ish. I can’t kik, but maybe we can email? jones.desdemona39@gmail.com. I’m supportive, a perfectionist, and I’ll happily help you reach your goal weight, if you’ll do the same 🙂

  53. Drellatrix says:

    I need so much help and I can be a bit of a cunt so I think it’s safe to say I’m harsh and strict.

    Please please please kik me @ Drellatrix

  54. Please help me to loose weight and restrict. I have the motivation and willpower to listen but sometimes I get off track. I would appreciate an Ana coach that could offer me advice because I think it would change my life for the better. More than anything, I want to loose weight, through whatever means necessary, and need someones support. I’m 19, 5’2 and a fat 130 pounds. My kik is julialove_2 please help, thank youJ

  55. vanesaa says:

    omg i need an ana buddy as soon as possible i need someone to help me be strong and not eat. I’m 167 pounds and i don’t want to be fat anymore !!

  56. I need an ana buddy who is experienced and will help me. Im a begginer. I know Im fat. I need to lose weight.

    Kik: ana_forevs

  57. Celeste' says:

    If you are on fetlife there is this guy ruthlessanagod. That’s who I use. No forced nudes, but he is fetish friendly. He’s my Daddyyyy

    • Mariathegreat says:

      He does enjoy my nudes though, lol. That is why most ana coaches vanish. Dumb people think they should be helped for free. Not the way the world works honey. In 6 years I’ve stayed under 73lbs, and my modeling career depends on my weight. I’d never rely on someone not being paid in some way. This is cheaper than the 200 a month guys in the industry. Girls will puke in a public toilet and eat lax until they shit, but their fat bodies are somehow sacred, lololol. All the top insta girls have male coaches. Women sabotage women FACT!

    • CuriousCat says:

      How long and how much did it take you to loose the weight with ruthlessanagod?

  58. I really need a strict ana coach who will help me drop the pounds.
    My kik is Uglyandreckless_

  59. Anonymous says:

    I need an ana buddy asap

    Kik me @ rubypaige2002

  60. Skinny Angel says:

    I need a PRO ANA BUDDY!
    I’m not lookin for someone “new” at this.
    My current weight is 59.2kg
    My height is 5’3
    I am 18 years old.
    I lost control and now I binge every single time! I just can’t resist to food anymore. I used to be 51kg but I gained alot of weight ’cause of binges and now I am finally 59.2kg.
    Also, message me if you have a pro ana group chat on kik. I’d like to join.
    Message me on kik: proskinnydream

  61. I really need a pro-ana buddy! I can never get harsh enough on myself. I need a harsh and strict coach who will help me lose the weight. I feel so fat and I just can’t stop the need to eat, I’m pretty much desperate.
    Height: 5’5 (167cm)
    Weight: 123.5lbs (56kg)
    Please email me at: proneeds123@gmail.com

    • Tyler-Jayne says:

      Our stats are super similar and I need a savage buddy who can keep me on track because Im trying to lose 13kg in 4 months! My snapchat is tylerjayne99 if you’re interested! My biggest problem is bingeing so maybe we can help each other with the eating thing 🙂

  62. Hi, im ana, i really need help as i am new to this, im 18 y/o and a disgusting 169lbs.. Gw: 130 at the most. Please help, i need a strict ana coach/buddy who will tell me when i messed up and wont be afraid to get mad when i make a mistake. I dont have social media, but my email is musicismydrug424@gmail.com or my cell is (210)&548-8993. Thank you

  63. Hi, my name is Phoebe. I’m pretty new to the ana/mia lifestyle and I was hoping to find a very strict buddy/coach. I’m 19, I’m from the UK, 5ft and I have been disgustingly fat for most of my life, and I’ve recently realised that it needs to change! My current weight is 136lbs but my goal weight is 103lbs. I need someone that will stick by me and help me make the best decisions. My kik is motivate_my_life if you are willing to help, thank you! x

  64. I need an Ana coach that is pretty muc relentless and will help me reach my goals!! Please can someone help me to loose the remaining weight! My Lil is ccubana and my email is m.ariste@aol.com

  65. Hi everyone im Veronica, i’m 18 5’2 and 101.0 lbs i’m looking for a coach or a pro ana buddy to help me reach my goal weight of 85/90 lbs. I only have email :/ its Veronicagarens@gmail.com

  66. Celeste says:

    Hello, I’m pretty new to this. Weight 180 lbs. 18 years old. I’ve lost like 20 lbs before but then gained it back I’m looking for a coach or someone to keep me away from all the junk food. I don’t mind if you’re harsh, really I think that’s what I need right now, someone to tell me the truths to my face.
    My kik: Celestial4444
    And if there’s a group chat pro ana please add me as well

  67. Maricruz says:

    hi im looking for ana buddy to help me with my goal weight if you’d like to be my ana buddy my kik is _rawritzmari

  68. I need a HARSH Pro Ana buddy. I love food way too much and no matter how hard I try, I am always binging on something. I need someone who can push and motivate me, and really be hard on me when needed. I just don’t want to be fat anymore.
    I’m turning 19 next month. I am 5’1 and my CW is 155 pounds. My GW is 125 pounds (or lower).
    My kik is dragonfly.dream
    Please message me! Thank you.

  69. Hi I’m looking for an ana buddy that will really push me and be mean to me as well as motivate me!
    I’m 18, 160 cm/5’3, 54 kg/119 lb.
    Kik is the9999th.

  70. Hi my name is Arya. I am 18 turning 19 and I really need an ana buddy. My email is sw33tp0tat0girl@gmail.com. If anyone is interested Don’t hesitate to email me. SW:118 GW: 100. Please help me.

  71. I am extemely in need of an ana buddy. I am very motivated and have my goals set. I can go for a while without eating, but if I eat breakfast or lunch I will end up binge eating. My parents often make me eat a lot, but they eat unhealthy food. I am gonna be 19 years old in 2 weeks, I weigh a about 158 pounds, and I am 5’5 tall. I really want to be skinny. I don’t like being called overweight and I hate looking in the mirror. Can someone please be my buddy?

  72. hey all add me kik: butterflydream_ so we can support each other in losing weight

  73. dm me @rogania on instagram. I’m ready

  74. I’m interested in messaging for a while to get to know each other and see if this would work out for us. Im over 18 and I’m willing to go crazy without limits to achieve what I want. My email is lanaginamarie@gmail.com and kik butterflydream_

  75. I need a harsh Ana couch/buddy that can help me. I’m 18 I’ll tell stats to anyone who messages me. Kik-roseart22 or email skinny.rose.22@gmail.com please help.

  76. I’m 20, 145lbs, vegan, and looking for a harsh ana buddy who can help me stay on track because I’m extremely new to this and don’t think I can do it on my own, my kik is: throughthickand.thin if anyone wants to talk or make a group

  77. I would love to be your buddie, I need someone who is going to be very harsh on me, and if it’s something you want I’m capable of being very harsh back. My kik is emily_wolf please shoot me a message if your interested

  78. Skinny searcher says:

    5’2, 18, 110 lbs Female. NEED a strict coach. Yell at me, tell me how fat I am, insult me, idc. I need that. Please kik me at Catladytilldeath I’m desperate. I’ll be a good Ana buddy back

  79. I’m 19 my name is Haley and I need an ana buddy. My stats are: SW:188 CW:158 GW1:130 GW2: 120 UGW:110 or lower. I live in America and in dire need of help. I would prefer an ana buddy close to my stats but if not that’s fine! My kik is Stylemylovato.
    (Acknowledge the period at the end of the kik name)

  80. Help in need of ana coach.
    Or buddy. I am 105 and 5’1 and have been stuck at a plateau for months

  81. Hi,
    I’m Ana. I’m not new at this, been for a while…
    I’ve never had an ‘Ana Buddy’, it’s the first time I hear about this. but I would like to give it a try. Email me to: annafaulkner0@gmail.com if anyone wants to talk. Cheers girls/boys/people 🙂

  82. Looking for a strict coach who will help me lose weight. I’m 5’6 cw is 180 gw is 120

  83. 19 and need an Ana buddy/friend to talk to everyday ! My ultimate goal weight is 99. Feel free to kik me Babygirlfawn

  84. ThinGirl says:

    Well I need a Ana Buddy to help to lose weight. Anyone interested? If you are kik me QueenSkinnyx

  85. I need an intense harsh coach… I’m freaking stubborn and need someone to get in my head and make me reach my goals… I need someone who knows what they’re doing… I’m 5’2 19 year old female
    Sw 136
    Add me on Kik or Snapchat… both are autme
    Thanks in advance

    • PS.. I’ll do anything to lose the weight…
      And if you wanna be an ana buddy I’ll happily be strict right back to ya

  86. I am disgustingly fat. I have depression and suffer from hallucinations. I have been trying my hardest to loose the fat I want to see my bones again. I been working really hard To be skinny again but I lose motivation due to depression. As an adult in my 30s I really need a strict coach who will keep me going. I have never had a ana coach or friend and I really need one as it is harder to stay skinny when u are older. Cw too fat. Gw 90lbs. Kik B33Quinn

  87. Hey everyone. I’m friendly but also motivated to lose weight. I don’t want to be a bitch ass girl who just tells you ew fat fuck don’t eat that. I want to be your friend and actually talk to you and let us help each other.
    Contact me on KIK( I’m always on )
    Kik: princesa.aries

  88. I need a coach can u help me?

  89. Hi I really need an ana buddy that can be supportive and harsh at the same time. I have never had a buddy before so it might take me a while to get used to it. But I have been pro ana for years. I was recovering for a couple of months but I want to be thin again. kik me at lilina17 if you’re interested. I am also interested in finding someone who is interested in veganism because I’m vegetarian but want to try being vegan, but this is not as important.

  90. Hi, I’m 19 looking for a harsh Ana couch/buddy. Iv been Ana/Mia in the past and I lost a good amount of weight, and iv started getting back into it. On the flip side, if anybody is looking for an Ana couch, I can help with that as well 🙂 my kik is The Friendly Ghost

  91. Fatty Mcguee says:

    Hey, I’m 20 and looking for an ana buddy.
    My cw is 213 and my gw is 105. I keep messing up and binge eating my emotions. I’m 5″5 and need someone who keeps me on track. It’s the summer and I’m still fat. Please help. My kik name is _chunky_monkey_xo

    • Somefatty says:

      Hi there! I’m 18, 5″7 and my cw is 184 pounds. I’m pretty new here but willing to stay through and I could also motivate you. If you’d like to be my Ana buddy, I’d be happy. I don’t have kik, but my email is kkapugen@gmail.com 🙂

  92. Looking for a pro ana coach that will be hard on me, kik is proanagirlhelp

  93. I’m 19, 128 lbs, lacto-ovo vegetarian and I need ana buddy who support me to lose weight.
    Kik: lofdigh

  94. Hey skinny kitties!
    I’m looking for ana buddies/coaches
    We can tade meanspo, thinspo, tips and tricks

    My stats:

    My kik: connective_kittens

  95. becoming.me says:

    Strict harsh ana buddy needed. Age 18 female
    gw-100 by August
    I eat around 200 cals a day or at least try to and I want to fast pretty often. I wanna try the fix it fast diet soon. I’ve been trying the drop 10 workout at night. I fast all day till eat dinner.

  96. Hi I am 5″2 and weigh 130 pounds and my goal is to weigh between 100-107 pounds. I am looking for an Ana buddy who will listen give me advice support and push me to reach my goal. My kick is: HowIGotHere105

  97. In meed of an Ana buddy, 18+ To keep me on track and share tips, tricks, goals, motivation, etc. Understand I’m not looking for a coach. More like someone to take the trip with me.
    My height is 5’5
    SW: 220
    GW: 120.
    Kik me at MarDeGrises.

  98. inkaeml says:

    Kik me inkaeml I need an Ana buddy! I’m 19, 5’1″ and 118lbs

  99. I would really like a buddy who is very strict with me, not someone who will check in once and thats it. I am very determined to lose weight no matter what it takes. Kik me ToxicBunBun.

  100. need2bethin says:

    Hey I know I’m a little late to the party but I need a buddy like you. I need to lose all this fat. I don’t care what it takes. I’m 18 and 5’5. I need Ana and an Ana-buddy who will not let me get away with anything

    Kik : Need_2_Be

  101. I need a ana buddy that will be strict with me and not let me fail. I currently weigh 123lb and I am 5ft 10. Goal weight is 105lb.

  102. Likeafeathana says:

    Hey guys,
    I’m searching for a strict buddy.
    20 years old, female.
    I’m from Germany, but the german people are very lazy -.-‘
    Please send me ‘n Mail: cansu.selin.35@gmail.com

  103. Please I really need help…. I know I can do this. I just need someone strict to guide me through the process. Plus it would make it easier. I just need someone to push me further. So please be my Ana buddy! I am determined. My kik is: brenatate16

  104. Looking for a strict yet supportive buddy to help me stay on track. 19, 5’9 300lbs
    kik ThinWishes23

  105. I’m up to help anyone who will help me too:) I’m 18, email is- skinnyplsandty@gmail.com ,snapchat is -wannabepure, <3

  106. DanicaM says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’m 18 and I’m in need of some inspiration and support to lose some weight
    (SW: 138.8lbs/63kg ; CW: 125lbs/57kg ‘ GW: 100lb/45kg ) (Height = 158cm/5’2ft )

    Im currently using kik (@houseofthin)
    and would love a group add or just an add from anyone who would like to chat❤

  107. Hey, I’m 5’2 and 144 pounds, goal weight is 110. I was Ana/Mia for a while in the past and was really happy with the results, and I’m wanting to get back into it but I’m having trouble staying motivated. Looking for an Ana buddy or couch, My kik is shroomdude11

  108. Hi! I really want an Ana buddy who is supportive but also harsh. I’m just starting this. I’m 18, 114-117 pounds, and my goal weight is 100 pounds. I need someone to motivate me and I can motivate them back!

  109. Looking for ana buddy
    17-19 years old. Kik me: jo.sajewa

  110. Needing ana coach says:

    Hi I need an extremely strict and honest ana coach I need someone who will insult me when I mess up someone who will truely motivate me please email me missinghim506@gmail.com or message me on snapchat dark_princess50

  111. Hey guys.
    I am looking for a coach or a buddy. Someone to maybe control me – help me control myself. Meanspo me as I am useless at meanspo’ing myself. I can put myself down extremely well but when it comes to motivating I am weak. I never used to be weak. Having my boyfriend of 2years and 6months has left me fat and lost.

    I am 23 so preferably someone my own age. I don’t want to assist in promoting Ana to young people.
    I am 163lbs and 5’6.
    If anyone is up to the challenge, kik me: njmolloy

    Thank you.

  112. I’m want a pro Ana coach that will be really harsh with me and make sure I stick with it. Kik me @coachana

  113. Cw: 240
    Height 5’5
    Age: 22
    I’d love an extremely strict person to help me acheive my goals. Please be 18 or older. Male or female.

  114. Kik me? Hattiegreen97
    I’m 21, don’t live with parents so no danger of that :p
    Don’t have iPhone but have WhatsApp

  115. Missy7/3/2016 17:40:49
    looking for a buddy. I’m 28 from Birmingham in the UK and I’m looking for new friends for support and to get back on track after being forced to recover and becoming depressed and overweight again. Would like to meet people around my age that I can chat to on whatsapp for support and to help and share with eachother.

  116. I need a strict Ana coach and I’ll be strict as well.

  117. Saralyn Troy says:

    5’2, 19, 169 lbs Female. NEED a very strict coach. Yell at me, tell me how fat I am, insult me I need the motivation.. my kik is: saralyn_love
    Please. I can’t do this alone..

    • WanttobeSKINNY says:

      Hey im 5’2 also and last time I checked it was 156lb and I gained lately so I know what u are going through so if u need a ana buddy I’m here to help cause I need the help too!

  118. My name’s Tina. I need a buddy. Ive failed to many times.

  119. ezequiel says:

    hello, i’m a buddy ana. i’m already tinsp and i like to help anothers anas.
    msg me on whats app 5511941034517

  120. I can be an ana coach!

    Kik me- dutchiss13

    My name is skin I’m in

  121. im looking for a harsh ana buddy who can help me stay on track. im 18 and i would like someone around my age. also im kinda shy and awkward with strangers so it will take a while for me to get used to you but im pretty friendly
    skype/kik is preferred

  122. I need an ana bubby I’m so fat my kik and instgram is ziva101callie

  123. Oceanah says:

    I need a harsh ana buddy i’m a fatass who’s 5’9 and weighs 220lbs my goal weight is 110lbs email me at Baby.doll.1991.9@gmail.com! Pleas insult me tell me what a pig i am help me lose weight!!!!!!

  124. I’m looking for an ana buddy who can be harsh. I can also coach anyone who’s interested. Email me at imaunicorn350@gmail.com

  125. I desperately need a very strict ana coach. I’m currently in this vicious circle, where I fast or eat just a little and then lose control again and again. I’m a girl, 18. I really need someone who will motivate meet to stay in control and do exercises. Someone who won’t be kind to me if I’ll fail and lose control again.
    Please contact me on kik: AnaMia19. I really need help with this.
    Stay strong! <3 x

    KIK – helpmebe1

  127. I really need a strict ana coach.
    Kik mee plz: AaliaNy

  128. blindpancakes says:

    need a buddy asap! preferably from the uk because of time differences, but anywhere in europe is fine. i’m new to this so i need someone who can support me and motivate me.
    msg me on kik @blindpancakes

    18 yrs old,
    height: 5’3
    cw: 136 lbs
    gw: 90 lbs

    • We have almost the exact same stats, if you’re interested in being Ana buddies my Kik is angry.bubbles

  129. Caitlin-Sophie says:

    Been doing it alone for too long. Would be nice to have an Ana coach/buddy so we can motivate/help eachother. A strict coach would also be nice.

    129 pounds, 5″10 and 19 years old.

    kik – kitty..cait

  130. ThinGirl says:

    I’m 5’3 and 126lbs.
    I am black BTW. I do ballet.
    I am looking for a strict ProAna coach.
    KIK- _thingirl
    INSTAGRAM- black_thingirl

  131. Abigail says:

    Hey I am looking for an Ana buddy and I need one as soon as possible. My other Ana buddies have given up. Any one who is willing to lose the weight with me is welcomed 🙂 my kik is Liagiba99

  132. I really need a strict buddy I’m new to this and need someone to keep me on tract my kik is iloveyouihateyou666 please help me

  133. Need an Ana buddy, someone to talk to and motivate eachother. Im 20, kik me at xxSilverplatterxx

  134. Tyler-Jayne says:

    Name: Tyler-Jayne
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5ft5
    CW: 59KG
    GW: 46KG

    I’m looking for a savage ana-buddy, someone who is going to push me to my limits and keep me committed. I need to lose 13kg in a maximum of 4 months. I will be just as harsh back, no BS, just need someone who will help me stay on track because Im incredibly desperate! Preferably someone the same age and has to be a female, also Australian is prefered due to time zones. I’m not willing to send photos yet as Im incredibly self-conscious atm. Please reply asap as I’m running out of time
    Snapchat: tylerjayne99

    • Casey Louise Flynn says:

      Hey Tyler-Jane,

      My Name is Casey louise, I have the same goal!
      My Snapchat is lou_lou121

  135. Abigail says:

    Hey everyone. I am in desperate need for an Ana buddy or coach. My current buddies have given up. Please feel free to kik me at Abigailm21135.

  136. I need an Ana buddy!
    Kik: Ariels_Aria

    Tumblr: Ariels-Aria.tumblr.com

  137. Hi! My name is Claire and I am 18 years old. I weighed myself today and I am 283.6 I need a really strict ana buddy to help get me back down to the size I used to be. Can you help? Email me at cbek0914@yahoo.com

  138. I’m looking for an ana buddy (Obviously)
    I’ve have an ed since 2011 so I know what I’m doing and how to do it
    I need somebody who I can help reach their goals, as well as them helping me.
    I’m 5’5, 55kg and from Australia.

    It would be good to have somebody on this journey with me, I am really motivated, some days are just harder than others and I believe that talking to a person who shares the same interests (Ana/Mia)

    Anyway if you’re interested please message me ASAP

    Instagram – skinnyydreamiing
    Kik – skinnyy__dreaming

  139. Hi! I´m almost 19 and i need a ana buddy, please email me!

  140. Nouushka says:

    Hey guys ! I am 18, ive lost 50 pounds and gained some cause of some binges .. i wanna get back on track.

    I am french, 165 cm and maybe around 70 kg idk

    I love to talk about EVERYTHING and give advices, i would want someone who does the same without leaving few weeks after.

    Kik : Nouuushka

    • Convenit says:

      Hi! I’m from the UK, around the same stats as you, are you still looking? I tried to message you on Kik but no response =O
      I’m Convenit on kik if you want to talk ^^

  141. Jonas
    19 y/o
    Goal: 99lbs
    New Jersey
    Kik: matthockeydude
    No pics please
    Somebody harsh when necessary

  142. Skinnyplease says:

    I’m looking for a Strict Ana Coach, my stats are:
    Cw:114ish(my scale has been broken for a long time so Idk for sure.)
    My ultimate goal weight is: 75lbs
    Please message me on my Tumblr: @skinnyy-and-stoneed
    Or if you want I can make a kik.

  143. Hey Im 30 5ft 6in 168lbs mother of 2 in need of a buddy 🙂

  144. Angelica says:

    I’m looking for a harsh coach who will keep me on track. I’m 300+ lbs and I really need to drop weight.
    Kik: voice.23

  145. Im a 18 year old girl in need of a ana coach. Im 5’4 and my cw is 140 (yes im fat i know) my gw1 is to reach 120 and so on . If anyone is willing to be my ana buddy or coach i would be so grateful !!

  146. Hey, I’m looking for someone to help me out and who I could also help out. I’m 19, my name is Elle 5’7″ CW 169 GW 135 at most, i live on the east coast. if anyone wants to start a buddy program thing (I’m not sure what to call it) You can Kik me : Elleloo or message me on tumblr : myskinnywaterloo.

  147. Casey Louise Flynn says:

    Hi everyone, I have created a website to help us to find our diet buddy.


    Kind regards

  148. need a kik strict coach. my kik souplashan

  149. I really need an Ana buddy! I could also help motivate you!
    Height: 5’7″
    CW: Idk my scale broke, but too much maybe 125ish
    GW: 90
    Kik me: NicoleMelodyA

  150. I need a very strict ana coach who will help me and be harsh. No pervs for obvious reasons..

    CW: 90lbs
    GW: 66lbs
    HEIGHT: 5ft 1

    • Hi! I’m not a coach but I’d love to be your buddy and we can both be strict to one another. Our current BMI’s are about the same so I thought we’d make perfect buddies!!
      CW: 102
      GW1: 90
      UGW: 80
      Height: 5’5

      u can kik me at ilydotpot or snapchat ilydotpot 🙂

  151. Hey, my kik is shroomdude11, I’m looking for an Ana buddy. I was looking for someone to have a sort of competition with, to see who can eat the least amount of food. So when one of us eats they message the other about it, and the person who eats the least wins that day, just a thing to help with motivation 🙂

  152. Hey I’m Anne
    I am 168 cm, currently 46kg and I am 18. Would really like an Ana buddy xx

  153. I need a pro ana buddy that is harsh! My Kik name is Yoshisisland10

  154. Hey, my names Caitlin I’m 19, I really need to be thin and need a strict ana coach that will support me and not lie or leave me. My stats are 5foot 10 , I weigh 67 kilograms which are 147.71 lbs please get back to me as soon as possible if u want to coach me my kik name is cait_griffiths or my instagram is @catt_griffiths16.

  155. Hi im so glad i found this site! Im 18 and extremely.bent on losing weight. At the moment im 150 pounds, but my first goal weight is 120 (its a lot i know. But im determined) If you want to be my buddy you can give me your email or whatsapp or facebook. Preferably whatsapp or email

  156. Zoey Cooper says:

    Looking for a pro Ana buddy! Kik me @ zoeycoops . I need someone really strict

  157. Im definitely interested in you because ive been looking for a partner like you. My kik is wootity1, its bad but thats what it is lol, i would prefer to text but can kik message you for a while. Im set set set on my goal and DO NOT need somebody whps going to hold back or tell me about how wrong it is. If anybody else wants to kik !e, anybody who is serious, is welcome


    I need somebody who is serious about their goal, and will show me the same amount of strictness as im showing them. Im here for motivation and support to reach your goal, and will push you. We will discuss goals, food&workout plans, and will exchange general motivation. I would rather text but ill kik you at first to see if we get along. Kik: Wootity1.

  159. hii guys im looking for an ana buddy who will LEGIT LEGIT help me
    Please email me at vmalysa22@gmail.com

  160. Anastasia says:

    Hi. I’m 18 and I’m looking for a buddy near me, so we can hang out and compeat and such. I live in Utah, and if you wanna reach me I have a fb, and Skype. My fb is Anastasia Thompson, I’m the dorky girl with black hair as the profile pic. Hopefully I’ll find someone <3 you can also reach me at my email, random_emo_potato@yahoo.com

  161. I need an ana coach/buddy! Kik: Fluffstuffkins

  162. anyone who would like to be in my pro ana/ mia group chat message me on kik gat36 where motivating and giving tips. stay slim lovelys

  163. I need a coach to help me get started again. Email me

  164. Looking to lose 30 pounds by November 30th. Kik:fluffstuffkins

  165. I’m so fucking fat 5’2 and weigh a heavy 145. I need a strict Ana buddy. you don’t have to be super experienced but you do need to be harsh. age (14-17) kik: MakaylamMead

  166. Hey I really really need an Ana buddy bad.
    I’m 19 5’2 and 180lbs I want to get down to 120 if anyone can be my Ana buddy please please tell me…. I’m so tired of my family making fun of me and comparing me to other girls. I want someone to push me and not lie to me and help get there and I’ll be the same for you

  167. Please help. I need to lose weight. Since I was young, I’ve been overweight and I want to change. I’ve never been able to really go pro Ana because of my mom and friends, but I am 18 and they won’t notice the weight before it’s too late. I still live with my parents, so if you have ways for them not to notice eating differences that will be a major help. My cw is around 212 but my 1gw is 150, ultimate gw is 110.
    My kik is: understudy

  168. could you be my buddy?? I’m a figure skater, good with dsicipline, totally wanna be sick with ana, I can be harsh and take harshness. kik: foreverstarvingskater. Take me.


  169. Lilly Mae says:

    Seeking a strict ana buddy or coach, no time wasters or nudity tolerated

    Name: Lilly Mae
    Age: 27
    Gender: female
    CW: 65kg
    Kik: Flutter_Bye_me

  170. hey i need an ana buddy to motivate me and make sure i follow my diet and what not perfectly. kik me: BionicTTT

  171. BionicTTT says:

    i’m looking for an ana buddy to help me stick to my “diet”. 18 y/o, SW: 145, GW: 127, 5’9″. kik me @BionicTTT if you’re willing to help me.

  172. looking for a friend to keep each other in control! kik: randomcondoms

  173. I need a Ana coach asap, someone who is really strict and could help me stay motivated.
    Cw: 68kg
    Gw: 50kg
    Height: 182cm
    Kik: AaliaNy

  174. Never land says:

    Looking to start a KIK group…pro Ana

  175. Hey I’m in desperate searching for a buddy. We can motivate and help each other and be each others rocks to fall back on. I’m 20 y/o and 162cm/5″3ft tall, I weigh about 51kg/114lbs. Please help me! My kik is moating.

    • Hey, I would love to work with you but I don’t have kik, so is there another way we can get in contact if you’re interested?


  176. Hi I’m Sofia,

    I’ve put on about 3-4 kg and these past five days have been really stressful, so I’ve been eating really shit food and lots of it, so I’m really scared about how much more I will gain as I am already uncomfortable with my weight. I need someone to help me get back on track and focus so that I stop eating this crap food and focus on controlling myself again, so please help. If we can encourage each other to stick to low calorie fruits and vegetables, and small, controlled portions then that would be perfect! Please get in contact ASAP!
    Height: 5′ 4″
    HW: 62kg
    LW: 45kg
    CW: 50kg
    GW: 46.5kg
    GW2: 45kg

    email: sgiugno68@gmail.com
    fb: Sofia Giugno (from England)
    Snapchat: sgiugno68

  177. Hi!! I’m looking for an Ana coach who will bring me to my goal weight. I need someone strict and abusive, like the ones who remind me that I’m a fat fuck whenever I’m about to eat. I’m such a pig and I deserve it, so I’ll be faithful (but I don’t do nudes unless I’m convinced your not a pervert–find another punishment sorry)

    My stats are:
    Goal weight:90

    A buddy will be ok too (: but I really want a coach. Kik me at ilydotpot Thanks!

  178. Hey I need a buddy who will help me get to my GW of 48kg to begin with please add me on kik summeerrrry

  179. Hey guys:) I’m a pro Ana coach so if you want to reach your goal weight kik me: helpmeplease1029

  180. anonymous says:

    Kik : lilybass12

  181. I will text me 870-882-6839 I got u if I got me I’ll push u and u can push me I need to be slim

  182. Anastasia says:

    Hey I’m Anastasia, I want to lose 40lbs… If you want a buddy than you can add me on Kik : ana.karalyeva

  183. I’m gonna start a pro ana group chat on Kik. Please, kik me if you’d like to join!
    Kik: SkiinnySouls

  184. Isabella Hastings says:

    I used to be anorexic a few years ago, and I’m trying to get back into it. If there is someone out there that has tips, advice or want to be my pro ana coach please contact me at babybellajasperwhitlock@gmail.com soon. Please.

  185. Wanting to be thinner says:

    Hey, I’m 19 and am really interested in finding a pro Ana buddy to help me on this journey. I’m really disciplined so I will NOT quit on the lifestyle. I am currently 5’2″ and 133 lbs. if anyone is interested my email is Geekchicme112@gmail.com. My Instagram is geek_chic_me. Twitter nerdyunicori. Snapchat is geek.chicme23. If you have any questions just follow up.

  186. Hey I need a Ana Buddy

    age- 19
    Height- 5.5
    Kik- Hannah.OrangeAna

    Please some one help me… ;-;

  187. Age 29
    Height 5’10
    Weight 160lbs

    Love to connect with people so we can encourage each other. Email: Unwelcomesoul@gmail.com

  188. in need of an ana buddy to start the “skinny girl diet” with

    im 18, female and weigh 234 lbs

    kik : jodierose10

  189. I’m Mirabelle and I need a pro-ana/mia buddy. Im 18, 5″8, 179 pounds and my gw is 125 pounds. I live in the UK time zone, so if you live in the UK and want to help me out please kik me at meow1820. I’ll probably need a harsh buddy.

  190. I need a strict coach who will help me with all this. I am 6’1 and weigh almost 180 pounds. My Kik is ZiXi123

  191. I need a harsh buddy. I’m 19, weight way to much and really need someone to be strict
    Kik: why_is_it_hard

  192. I need a harsh Ana coach. I’m a fat pig and need to change.
    Here are my stats:
    Cw: 147
    Gw: 115
    Height: 5’4′
    My kik is: Soph_Soph22
    PLEASE help!

  193. I need an Ana buddy.
    CW: 146
    GW: 115
    Kik: lizlovesherboo

  194. Hey I really need a ana-buddy. I’m 75kg and 5’5″/165cm. My GW is 65kg and I dream weight it 55kg.

    I use snapchat (Downey.meg) and kik (Meg.uptons).

    I want a buddy who is close to my weight or bigger please. X

  195. I’m 22, cw: 168lbs 🙁 gw:120 Looking for an ana buddy to keep eachother on track and help reach goals.
    Add me on kik if you’re interested!
    Username: sk_roses

  196. Hi I am new to Ana.
    I am 25, I had a baby 6 months ago. My delivery weight was 150 and I naturally dropped down to 125. I am a naturally thin framed woman, but I began stress/ emotional eating three months ago and I was able to maintain my weight for a while binge eating now it is beginning to catch up to me I am up to 135 and I feel out of control and I really want to lose weight.
    I am looking for a sincere Ana buddy so that we can motivate eachother to reach our goals. Please email me at p_amy@yahoo.com
    My GW: is 124

  197. i’d really like help to lose weight please
    i’m 16: CW-159 GW-120
    someone who can literally make me feel bad for a bite or even someone who is as desperate to lose weight like me
    maybe we could like lose weight together
    you can add me on sc: shreya.bcwhynot or instagram: stfushreya plsssssssssssss

  198. Stupid fatso says:

    Hey.. I’m a fat girl and I seriously need to lose weight.. I need a serious and harsh coach.. My main problems are and laziness.. Please help me.

  199. Hey I need an Ana Buddy!
    Shit do I have a long way to go. I need someone that can talk anytime. And will remind me of why we’re Ana Buddies. Txt me @ jisellomello
    Email: jisellita234@gmail.com

  200. Hey I really need a strict ana buddy/coach to help me stay focused. I did so well last time I had one but my family found out was going on and started having me monitored and I gained everything back plus 20 more pounds. I’m miserable as fuck now and I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror because all I see is a fat pig.

  201. **I need a harsh pro ana coach!**
    Sw: 155
    Cw: 145
    Gw: 120
    I’m 5’4′
    Please help me. My kik is Soph_Soph22

  202. Hey loves, I would love to have some Ana buddies to keep me going quite long without any recovery and to avoid it. My cw is 130 and gw is 110-100. I can help motivate and give some helpful tips and get you to your goal as well ! My kik is Babygirlfawn

  203. 250lb, depressed and dosent know what to do.

  204. I heed help, I want to be happy.

  205. Hi I need an ana buddy as I’m new to this and badly want to lose weight. Please Kik me.

    age- 18
    Height- 5.6
    Kik- dainty.legs

  206. Hello. I am 19, 5’4 and 1/2 inch, and I currently weigh 150 lbs. I am new to this diet, so I mess buddy that will be strict but also understanding. Someone to help me out with my baby steps. I’m tired of feeling guilty every time I eat. I’m tired of not wearing certain things because my stomach fat shows. I’m tired of my family calling me fat. I’m tired of not feeling like I’m good enough for any type of relationship because of my weight. I’m just tired of not looking the best I could be, and being ashamed of my weight. Please help me, I don’t know how else to go about this. My kik is LilMissMaladroit.

  207. Hi, I need a really strict coach that has gone through this before and knows what there doing. Someone that will be really hard on me. CW: 185 GW:98 or lower

  208. Hi, I need a really strict coach that has gone through this before and knows what there doing. Someone that will be really hard on me. CW: 185 GW:98 or lower. Email me at StayAna98@gmail.com

  209. I’m so overweight I need help asap I’m so so sad need a Ana buddy or coach I’m down for anything to lose this weight , what so ever, I’m ready
    WhatsApp ±27780843057

  210. I’m 20 years old and need an Ana buddy!
    Please kik me!~ marvelnerd123456

  211. Hello I am in need of a strict coach I’m 18 and fat. Kik me. Helpmeplease1029

  212. Hey , i need an ana coach asap someonewho is really strict and won’t leave. I’m 16 5’1 CW;127 GW ; 110

  213. anyone wane help me get slim ? :/ kik me ; jonklausen


  214. I need a harsh and strict ana buddy and I can do the same thing for you if your Interested
    Insta: _damian_mitchell_
    Twitter DAM_2017

  215. hello please kik me obadia97 or send me a email

  216. hey guys, im looking for an ana buddy that will keep me strict in my diet, like a harsh ana coach.
    my kik is: yuinq.

  217. Hello. I am 19 and need a buddy who will be extremely harsh and make me feel like shit. My current weight is about 140 (my mom threw away my scale) and I’m 5’5″. My GW- 120 UGW- 110. I need someone who won’t try and tell me what I’m doing is unhealthy and hold me to my goals. I will do the same in return. Unfortunately, my mom also forces me to eat breakfast and dinner with my family and they are normally extremely fattening, so I’m going to need someone to help me come up with excuses for that. I do not want someone who is going to quit because it is to hard. If you are interested, my snapchat is pyneapplesjuice and my tumblr is ijustwannabeweightless. My email is catie.c9876@gmail.com.

  218. They call me bella because I have a belly.
    I’m 6’2, probably 73-75kg.and my GW is 62 too much but I want to lose that much
    I need an ana buddy, understanding and encouraging ASAP!

  219. Oh yeah, email me at makomamodjadji2@gmail.com

  220. Hi I’m 18 and am new to Ana I need a strict coach to help me my weight is 199 and I want to be 115 can someone plz help me my kik is lilahlove18

  221. Hi I’m 19,
    CW 55kg
    GW 47kg
    Interested in finding an ana buddy to keep me motivated; I’m not a strict ana but i want to be. I’m definitely influenced by all those lovely skinny k-pop girls.
    if interested my email is:

  222. Age:23, female. Getting back into my routines again. gained 100 pounds since “recovery.” Hoping to lose it all again (and more). Looking for support and motivation to get going.
    Kik: PugsforDayz

  223. Ana Waters says:

    I’m 18, 5’7 and 60kg, I need a strict and harsh ana buddy ! Someone who won’t leave and constantly check on my and won’t mine vice versa! Please I need to lose this disgusting weight ! My uwg : 50 kg. Please contact me at hn04kn@gmail.com or Nasuka.Uchiha. on kik, Annieyaoiuke on snapchat, or hn04kn@Instagram !

  224. hello !! my name is cassie and im almost 18

    sw: 300+
    cw: 259
    gw1: 200
    gw2: 150

    i know im really fat !!! so no one really takes me seriously,, but i swear on my life im ana and i need a coach to keep me in line
    i sometimes have binging and purging tendencies so id like to fix that if possible while keeping a strict diet/fasting !! uvu

    kik: BRAlNWElRD (the i’s are l’s)

  225. Thunder Thighs says:

    I’m 18y/o, 5’4 and am 160 lbs. I really need a strict and harsh ana coach to get me started with this again. I’ve been ana before and have gained 65lbs since my forced “recovery”. Please help me. My parents aren’t looking at me with that sad face anymore and Ineed my body back
    If you are interested, please contact me. Arianagrimm@gmail.com

  226. Kaye rupe says:

    I need a pro ana buddy!! Cw 156 gw 120! kik me: Kaye Rupe

  227. Extreme ANA coach says:

    Very extreme ANA MASTER who demands results Kik messsge me for detail ukjeff2014 NO timewasters

  228. Im a 19 yr female looking for a buddy to fast together with

    Kik me at : xyearningx

  229. a wretched nightmare says:

    Cw 119
    GW 115
    Mostly mia, meanspo. Will hopefully start a group.
    kik me overindulgenceisasin

  230. Hi guys! I’m a 19 year old girl.
    I’m looking for an Ana buddy to talk to. I’m desperate and depressed, so really, any friend would do at this point.
    Height – 161 cm
    Weight – too afraid to step on the scales righ now but roughly about 62 kgs

    My email ID is kanchan.ens@gmail.com 🙂

  231. Classified says:

    I’m currently 113-117 lbs, (I know I’m huge..) and stand at 5’3. I’ve been Ana before and dropped down to 110 lbs but started to grow out of my Ana behavior. I want a strict coach that will motivate & help me please.

    CW: 115 (About)
    GW: 100

    • Hey!! I’ll be your ana buddy! I’ve been up and down on my ana behaviour and I want to set it straight too so we can do this together. Do you have kik?

  232. need ana buddy!
    sw 150lbs
    cw 130lbs
    gw 100lbs
    5’0 feet tall
    17, female
    kik @neverendingland

  233. Hey I’m 134lbs 5’7. I need a coach who will help me my goal is 114lbs. Kik: june_bug2001 please help me <3

  234. Can someone help me please? Im 18 168cm 55 kg, girls i need a really strict ana budy. Direct message me on instagram: rnoorii

  235. Hey look for a ana buddie

  236. Hello, I’m a girl, about 5’4”, who weighs 110 pounds, and who would like to weigh about 99 pounds.

    My email is” lilousliga@gmail.com “, I need an ana-buddy, if you are interested please contact me !


  237. iwanttobethiin says:

    i really need a ana buddy that can be straight with me and i can be straight to them, we can help each other lose weight please can someone contact me my email is:
    anyone can email m whenever they want please

  238. Hey I’m looking for a pro ana kik group!!
    GW: 110

    My kik is lillianboo87

  239. Cherrybonesribsplease says:

    Hey. I am a strickt ana coach looking for an equally strong minded ana coach.
    So here’s the deal: I am willing to put my heart and soul into making one of you thin. One. I’m not into that whole ‘support group’ sh*t. You give me your GW, I don’t care what weight you are now, it can and will be done. IF you do what I say, you do not lie to me, and here’s the most important part; you are as hard on me as I will be to you.
    Hey, I know what I’m doing, but everyone needs a boot up the rear every now and again. Everyone gets weak, sometimes.
    I of course would prefer to work with someone under the 135 lbs mark, just as a starting point, but of course that can be overlooked depending on your willpower and tenacity. Hey if you can help me not eat, then you’re perfect.
    The more you help me, the more I help you.
    I will not spoon feed you.
    Interested in getting this sh*t done together and hitting targets left right and centre?
    Contact me on kik.
    Username: Cherrybonesribs
    Name: Cherry Mac

  240. Im in need of a very strict,harsh and degrading ana coach/buddy who will push me and punish me. Kik me @wanting_thiin

  241. Hey yall. Im 18,

    I really really need a strict ana buddy that will keep on me for everything including exercising. Ive been trying by myself and keep slipping from time to time, id really appreciate all the help! Group or single is fine!(: kik:wednesdaymarie and email is meggiepiperr@gmail.com

  242. Hi my name is Hanna and I’m looking for a strict Anabuddy someone who is experienced
    I am 180 -184 lbs
    My goal is to lose more than 20 pounds
    My ultimate weight goal is to be 120 lbs
    Kik: wawwolfie
    Or email me : hanna.harris13@gmail.com

  243. I need an Ana buddy but that take it seriously for loosing weight together.. My tumblr is: kawaisucubus

    • Hey I’m also looking for someone who could help me lose weight, we could help and support each other! Do you have kik? Mine’s firstleaff if you wanna message me!

  244. I need a strict coach around the age of 18-24 that can help me out, I am 19 5’8 and weight 210 lbs, I will remain motivated and true, my snapchat is teebee1103409 my email is teraochoa061316@gmail.com please contact me asap !!! My goal weight is 150 then ultimate goal weight it 120

  245. Hi I’m Madison can you be my coach?
    I’m looking for a life long Ana buddy I’m super fat 258.2 and I’ve figured out a great way to lose weight so message me and we can chat

  246. I need help! Kik: FluffStuffkins
    I’m 19 years old and need to lose weight, fast!

  247. Hello my name is Carley and i am in desperate need of a pro ana buddie that can help and support me would really appreciate it x

  248. Hey!! I need an ana buddy! I not only need an ana buddy but somebody who will support me and make it feel like it’s a friendship as well. I want to be able to coach each other and push each other when it gets hard. When I struggle I want you to put me back on track. I’ll do the same. I really need help to keep focused. I want to be able to have everyday conversations with you too! Let me know!

  249. I’m a 17 year old girl, 5’7″, 155 lbs, vegetarian. Looking for a strict buddy with a condition similar to mine. Anyone interested? Kik: love.lalisa

  250. Hey I’m Katie 26 (no under 18s please)
    Looking for an Ana Buddy
    SW 11st!!!
    CW 10st 7lbs
    GW 8st
    Kik RaverKatie

    Add me :).

  251. Help! I need help! I’m super fat and need to lose it! Kik: fluffstuffkins

  252. need a pro ana buddy
    Snapchat- destinyannelove

  253. Skinandbone says:

    Hey, I’m 18 and i’m looking for a very strict pro ana coach who will not go easy on me and who will not be nice at all. I need someone who will encourage me to lose weight, quickly. I am new to this and i’m really desperate for the results. CW:147Ibs, GW:110Ibs
    Feel free to message me if you’re interested in coaching me.
    kik: messed_up_badly
    warrning:I am very shy and insecure, but I hope it won’t be a problem.

  254. I really need Ana coach!!! I am super motivated and potential.
    Kik thinesther

  255. Age: 18
    CW: 157
    UGW: 125

    I’ve been dealing with this crap for 2 years, I need a strict ana buddy for mutual support to lose weight and get to our goals! I’m currently doing ABC diet.

    Kik: elylouise

  256. My name is Megan I’m 19 I need a Ana buddy my kik is hisbaby_girl90

  257. Hey! I’m in need of an Ana buddy. I used to be able to this by myself, but I’ve been so stressed lately. Feels like I have no control of anything!

    My SW 150 (Maybe, I don’t want to look!)
    GW 115-120lbs

  258. Wanna find an ana buddy =^_^=
    Let’s make “the biggest looser” on our own
    I’m 25, 170 cm/63 kilos

    e-mail: myrth@inbox.ru
    skype: fiarinel

  259. I need a buddy, fast. I am willing to push hard both ways, and we can keep each other on our toes. I’ll help with doing XXX daily and such as long as you do the same for me. I am 18, Current: 144, Goal, 120. (baby steps ikr) contact: aqlrj25fy3@gmail.com (ik it sounds like a spam account, but it’s not, i was so frustrated because all the good names were taken lol)

  260. c.an.c.96 says:

    Height: 5′
    Gw: 100
    I’d love to talk to anyone 🙂

  261. Jay Fernandez says:

    Hello it’s almost December and a new year is coming I need a buddy who is going to stick with me through the struggles we need to strict and harsh on each other but you need to be honest, don’t lie about your intake and I need a couple people who are actually going to be active on Kik , i am 21 , female my Kik is hummingjay0222

  262. I really need a buddy. I’m a 18 and female. Could really use the motivation of another person.

    My email is


    Email me any time 🙂

  263. Hi my name is Mia and I really want a Ana buddy. I gained some weight this fall and now I’m desperate to lose it. My weight this summer was 46kg but now i´ve gained 10kg… SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!
    contact me by email: miamwest@gmail.com

  264. StrivingforPerfection says:

    Hello, I am 22 years old and I am wanting an experienced ana coach who will help me to reach my goal weight. I need someone to be strict with me. I need someone to keep me on track with different tips and tricks. I would prefer to chat with someone who is closer to my age, so if you are interested my kik is KayMex.

  265. Hey im Stephanie, im 19 and I’m 5’5 and weigh 178 pounds. I’m fat. I need a pro Ana coach or buddy. Either is fine. I’m a good buddy I swear. My last buddy gave in too quickly so please Kik me at esparzastephanie15 or dm me on Instagram at seniora.cornflakes I need a buddy ASAP!!

  266. Would like an ana buddy! My kik

  267. Hi my name is Kat and I’m looking for a really harsh pro ana buddy. I need one who will keep me on track no matter what even if it means you have to be mean and tell me how fat I am. My kik is katemma124

  268. I need a buddy. CW:170 GW:120 I need help with a strict coach. Kik me mwhitt1053

  269. I REALLY need to lose weight… I was hoping I could find an Ana buddy or a Pro Ana group chat on kik?? Please email me if you want to talk to me @ littlemissbutterflygirl@gmail.com

    Thanks for reading!!
    -Jayy XOXO

  270. really need a coach/buddy. 16, CW: 143, GW: 120, 5’8″. kik me at BionicTTT

  271. I need an ana buddy. 19 F, 5’8″ cw: 190lbs, gw:150lbs
    kik: anaally80

  272. I need an ana buddy to keep me on track, I’ll try to start a group chat on kik.
    CW: 150
    GW: 125
    Kik me @ fuckedupminds420

  273. Britts26653 says:

    Please someone be my buddy
    Kik me on Britts26653
    Cw: 180
    Gw: 140

  274. georgie osborne says:

    looking for an ana budy
    ad me on kik gosborne97

  275. yo i need a pro kik:harleystylo

  276. nevergoodenough says:

    Hey guys

  277. im looking for a pro ana buddy
    CW: 217
    GW: 120 atm
    height: 4’11
    my kik is- d0gteeth (thats a zero not an o)

  278. I need an ana buddy to talk to everyday and be close with ! I haven’t had one in a long time . I recently turned 19 also . My Kik is babygirlfawn

    • Hey, are you still looking for a buddy?

    • Hi I’m 21 and quite new to this, I’ve tried going it alone but have found it difficult to stay on track! I need someone I can talk to, to help me through and who I can help too, my kik is butterfly.21_96

  279. Help! I need a buddy to keep my on track and make sure I lose weight!
    Age: 18
    Kik: Fluffstuffkins

  280. Hi! I’m looking for a pro Ana buddy. Email me at mb416412@hotmail.com and that is also my skype. So contact me ASAP!

  281. I really need an ana buddy. Someone strict to keep me going. I was doing well, but I let myself down. I’m 18, 5’4 and 150.
    My email is itskatelynng28@gmail.com
    Kik _katelynn_bitch_
    And my second one is worthless_but_okay


  282. i would like a pro ana buddy be strict but dont be a rude ass im 17 and wish you to be a girl
    weight right now=400 pounds around not sure
    goal weight= 125

  283. I need a coach my email is hoopsdaritis@yahoo.com

  284. Hey! I need a buddy! I use Snapchat mostly I’m 19, 5’3 and 147lbs

  285. Mature Canadian/American female looking 4 a mature/adult ana-buddy <3 ( Yes, there is such a thing as an adult ana! ) NOTE : I would prefer a female, but gay guys & trans R welcome 2 <3 I am honest & I am real. I am also very committed. *FYI : I used 2 B really fat – almost 136kgs/300lbs, but I have lost over 54kg/120lbs & will lose more =] I could just really use some support; I have none :-< If U want 2 talk, plz hit me up @ Aspiegurl@gmail.com

  286. Katherine says:

    GW: 130
    Need a pro ana coach. My wieght is getting out of hand. Kik me at AnaBeforeFood please help

  287. Hi my name is Hanna I am looking for a strict Pro Ana Coach
    Gw: 130
    Kik: Wawwolfie or hanna_harris13
    Please help me I really need this btw I’m 17 about to be 18 in February

  288. I really need a pro ana coach,, preferably strict but it doesn’t matter,, please.
    Kik: hxnnxh.6
    Snapchat: hxnnxh.6
    Instagram: hxnnxh.8
    Email: Hannah.wood9242@gmail.com
    Number: +44 7415 831771

  289. Hi everyone i need an ana buddy for advice and motivation. i’m slipping

  290. I’m looking for an ana buddy, in my actual City. Not just an online chat buddy. I live in the state of Michigan, 22 years of age, and I am a female. If anyone is interested in an actual buddy, rather than an online chat, feel free to contact me by email. aliciaturley94@gmail.com

  291. Hello my name is Destiny. I need a super strict ana coach who can help me get along and do what i can to lose weight. Ill accept harsh ana buddies too but i need someone there for me because its just not like how it was used too. I am 16 years old. I weigh 135 and im 5’5. My gw is 125 lbs. If you could contact me my kik is thintobe123. My sc is rocker_potatoe. My email is deziraynaylor@gmail.com . please just contact me. I need some help getting along with this.

  292. I really need an ana buddy! I’m 19 and 5’7
    SW: 254
    CW: 220
    GW: 135
    snapchat me @musicismything9
    I need someone to be harsh with me every day and I will be harsh back!

  293. Hi, I’m 36, 5’4″ 212 lbs, I’d like someone around the same age to be my buddy, I don’t have kik but my gmail is appleheadhoneybun@gmail.com I want to get to 130 – 120. It seems nothing works. I was a size 4 but gained all the weight back. It makes me so sad, and I also have a bad back that Mack exercises hard. I don’t know what to do.

  294. Is anyone available to help me…I need a pro ana buddy…I am 135 5″3 my GW is 110 please someone can you help me…I have a problem binging when I am depressed…it’s a vicious cycle

    • Hey, I’m looking for an ana buddy too. I’m 5’6, 125 lbs, and my GW is 115 lbs. I have a terrible issue with binging too 🙁 Message me on kik at tubbybunny13 if you wanna work towards our goals together!

  295. I need a strict coach who will judge my body.
    gw-124 or less
    Someone push me to my potential and I will listen..thx 🙂 I will be honest…someone help!!

  296. Hi. I’m looking for a serious girl who is pro ana and is also curious about being submissive. My goal is to train her in the ana lifestyle and in being submissive as well. If interested add me on kik: samabusu or on skype: busu.sama

    • Hi
      I’m Kate….
      I am 173cm/5,64 and 65kg……My GW is probably 55kg
      I think I might be the person you’re looking for 🙂

  297. I need a ana buddy? Someone plzzz.

    • I need a serious/strict Ana buddy
      Someone who’s gonna be on my back, give me extra comfort & plan activities with me to keep us busy thoughout the whole day .
      Cw: 125
      Gw: 105
      Height: 5’0
      Kik me @ Imababyplant.
      I’m also available for phone calls, FaceTime/skype & texting BUT SEND ME A KIK MESSAGE FIRST!
      Feel free to do this anytime, I’m always up

  298. I’m 18 years old, I weigh 187 and I’m 5’7. Someone please be my ana buddy?

  299. I really need a Ana coach (preferably strict) to keep me on track with my diet to lose weight. I currently weigh 155 pounds and I keep gaining but I want to reach 120. Please message me at trotzama@gmail.com

  300. Brittany says:

    I’m 18. 5’6 and Cw 220lbs GW is 130lbs and I really need a pro Ana buddy help me!

  301. I’m Kenzie! I need an ana coach/buddy to help me lose weight! Kik:fluffstuffkins

  302. Hey everybody! I’m 19 years old, 5’9″, 147 lbs and really need an ana buddy!! GW is 125.
    My KIK is: hello_hawaii_babe

  303. RoadtoThin says:

    Hey, y’all! I’m Kierra. I’m new to Ana & need a strict ana buddy. My SW was 240. I got down to 225. But now i’m slipping badly and just need help. Although I don’t have a kik, my email is kierraparson@outlook.com.

  304. Need a strict coach. Kik: jxann3

  305. Hi I’m Éile, 17, Irish and looking for a strict Ana bud to push me hard.
    I’m around 5’4″ 9 stone 8 pounds (62kg / 137 pounds).
    My goal is to loose fat and look slim – thigh gap, hip bones, back dimples, jaw line – sick of being short and stubby ready to become petite and pretty.
    Really need someone who isn’t afraid to shout and speak the truth, I’ll return the favor.
    email me: lafitzy99@gmail.com

  306. i want a strict coach. im 18, 5’6, and 175lbs kik me-wwaremi

  307. Smithmeg says:

    I really need a pro ana buddy to speak to about dieting and weight loss
    Add me on snapchat @smithmegx

  308. I want a ana budy

  309. Hey im looking for an ana buddy. newbie to ana and need someone to help me with it
    email me at blaithin03@gmail.com if interested

  310. Alexis Smith says:

    Hey everyone. Looking for a friend to hold me accountable. I’m 24, HW 160, CW 154, GW 120. I need someone to push me and get me through the times that I want nothing more than to binge. My kik is lexmarie1015.

  311. My name is Ariel, I’m 20 I really need an Ana buddy I plan to stick to this lifestyle and need someone very strict who will keep me motivated. I can be as harsh or not as you would like
    My kik is ariel__kimble (with two underscores in the middle, not one)
    My email is akimble328@gmail.com
    Please contact me if interested

  312. callistanne says:

    Is this website still active? Anybody? I really need some help. I eat super small meals in the past but i started binging again and i eat a lot of bread. I badly need a buddy than can restrict me from giving in to my cravings. Im worried i can’t lose the weights i gained because of my past diet/lifestyle. And what kind of work outs should i do each day ? Btw i’m 153 cm in height , i’m 19 y/o and i weight (idk if it’s still the same) 59 kg

  313. Savanna says:

    I desperately need an ana buddy asap, 5’1 and 118 pounds. Trying to reach 100 and below. My number is 5626085138

  314. hey i’m a girl and i’m looking for an ana buddy. i’m a 5’4 and 77kg. I need to lose weight until the summer starts.. btw that’s not the first time i’m going on a diet so i think it’ll be easier than the last time.
    text me if you’re similar xox
    my kik: deimts

  315. hi, I urgently need a pro ana buddy to help me stay on track. I’m a 20 year old female, my CW is 65kg (143lbs) and I’m around 163cm tall.
    if you’re interested please either email me: moomin1066@gmail.com or KIK me: thinfulhopes

  316. Hi, my name is Loli, I’m brazilia, 19 yo, I’m 5’4 ft tall and 127 lbs, I really need a Ana Buddy or coach, I’m aiming to speak all day long, send pics, and be a nice friend as well, I really really want it 🙁 Oh, I’d rather if it was a man, but that’s ok if you’re a girl, i just.. need!!
    comment here and I send my whatsapp

  317. Alley cat says:

    Hi, I’m 18 and I need an Ana buddy.
    My CW: is 207 (so fat ik) and my goal weight is 130
    Drastic Ik but I need to get thin so I don’t squash my Boyfriend and so I can wear cute clothes.

    Kik: Alley_cat06

  318. Im Sofía, 19 years old, 5’4 and weight 58 kg. Does anyone want to be my buddy?

  319. Add me on kik to be in my pro ana groupchat. Kik: Riley.Lynne. (include periods in user name)

  320. Hey I’m 19 and currently weigh 158lbs. My goal weight is 130. I really need some help!

  321. I need an STRICT ana buddy. My Kik is BionicTTT.

  322. Delicate.Butterfly says:

    Need an actual ana coach (no pedos pls)/very strict buddy asap!! Have been coached in the past but coach no longer coaches. I’ll be happy to help you out too if you want.
    Kik: delicate.butterfly

    5’7″ cw: 155lbs lw: 123lbs gw1: 120

  323. victoria ward says:

    looking for a pro ana buddy who can help me lose weight and keep on track. im fimding it hard living with my brother to stay thin 🙁 im 24 and called victoria.

    KIK::: victoriaroseward

  324. just wanna be pretty says:

    Hey I’m 19 and weigh 170, my goal is 120. I need a strict but not mean coach. I’m new and dont have the right mind set, I perfer someone experienced. Please if anyone can help me email me at 20jwheeler@gmail.com or add me on fb my name is Jazmine Wheeler (pfp is a dark picture of a girl with dark lipstick and nose rings) Please I will coach right back

  325. Hey I’m looking for a pro ana buddy! Very strict plz…

    Kik: NikkiHGirl

  326. My name is Megan and I’m 21 years old. I weigh 145 lbs but want to get down to 115 quickly. I’m very new at this! I would love to have an Ana buddy to hold me accountable and to talk through things with!!

  327. I need a harsh Ana coach to help motivate me I’ve recently relapsed and I’m struggling to control myself the way I should. If you’re interested please email me at littlewitch1349@gmail.com
    19 female 5’10
    CW: 135
    GW: 115

  328. I need a proana buddy. I’m 20, 190lbs and I need someone to help coach me. Email me at noone19962@yahoo.com if you’re interested!

  329. Heyyy. Does any1 wanna be ana friends? My kik is That_one_weirdo.

  330. Hi I’m Louise, 21, ooking for an Ana buddy. I’m been ana since I was 16 and it would be nice to have someone to talk to regarding all this. 🙂

    Hgt – 5’3
    Cw – 124
    Gw – 110

    Kik – esioulx

  331. I need a buddy!!!! 5 days in. Need motivation, tips, tricks……

  332. Ana Reid says:

    I’m in dire need of an ana coach.
    If you’re interested in helping me, this is my kik : Ana_Banana_0503

  333. School is coming up and I need to lose weight! I’m transferring schools and I need help! Kik:fluffstuffkins I’m willing to help out if you are!

  334. Im going on holiday in 2 weeks, and im looking for a ana buddy as i really need to lose some weight. Im looking to lose about 10lbs? Isk if thats possible in a small time frame idk. Can anyone help?
    My kik is dannisaunicorn if you wanna message me there

  335. fluffdreamxx says:

    hello there i’m in need of a strict ana buddy (but is also nice). currently, i’m 18 years old. my weight is around 54 kg. goal weight is 48 kg. i really need someone to encourage + motivate me.

    kik : shortxsweet

  336. iwanttobeskinny_pls says:

    Hi I really need a seriously strict ana buddy terribly my cw is 65 kg or 143 lbs and my Gw is 45 kg or 100 lbs please I’m so desperate my ig name is iwanttobeskinny_pls if you want to dm me there

  337. Katelynn says:

    Need a pro ana buddy/coach, preferably a female, someone who wont quit i reply more to emails but i do use kik

    email: grocekatelynn28@gmail.com
    kik: worthless_but_okay
    lw: 94
    Gw:110 or lower
    height 5’5

    my email is

  338. hey im 18, CW 129lbs, GW 115lbs, have a problem with binging, on healthy food, but really need someone to keep me on track and motivate me to keep heading towards my goals. Please email me at livmae1234@gmail.com ASAP if you are interested 🙂

  339. I really need a very strict pro ana buddy! I am willing to return the favor, if you need!
    I am 19 years old.
    Snapchat: cats.tbh (ignore the name, i created it when i was young)
    Instagram: inactive1.01
    Message me any time, even if months later.

  340. Gina Marie says:

    looking for an ana buddy…and to be an ana buddy…i am 48 and would like someone close to my age…i’m in Central Time Zone (USA)…live in MN…i can email, text, or phone (once we get to know one another)…any older pro-ana gals?

  341. em james says:

    need an Ana buddy that’s nice but strict… still kinda new to this and all!!!! comment if you want my kik 🙂

  342. please help me i need a uk ana buddy 19 or over i am 29.
    i need help to loose weight and i can help too. i need someone serious.
    my number is 07544335379 my name is heidi

  343. I need a pro ana buddy.
    Im 20 years old 5’4 CW 180lbs GW 115lbs
    Kik: chubbybunnyalx

  344. need an ana buddy. i’m new so any motivation and tips etc are helpful! i’m 19 years old, 5’2, cw 120lbs, gw 105lbs
    kik: apiiis

  345. Hi I’ve decided to just start being pro Ana and would really like someone to talk to, help, and receive help from.

    Contact me on kik: _Just_CiCi_

  346. If anyone is in need of a pro-ana buddy, you can contact me on any of the following social medias:
    Snapchat: cats.tbh
    Instagram: inactive1.01
    Kik: inactive1.01
    I will be glad to help anyone

  347. Looking for a strict, mean ana buddy!!

    Kik: Rexxhia


  348. I just basically need a strict Ana coach or buddy that will push me to reach my goal. This is my first time will all of this, but I really need someone to push me to reach my goals. I don’t care about you being rude or anything. I won’t questions any rules or any of your decisions. I will follow all rules and agree to the stuff you tell me to do that will help me . My kik is ThinIsBeautifull And my stats are
    CW: 140
    GW1: 135
    GW2: 125
    GW3: 115
    Final goal: 105
    Height: 5’2
    Age: 17

  349. Hi, I am in very desperate need of a buddy to talk to on kik my username is Gemini6139.
    Now weight: 203
    Goal weight: 120

  350. Looking for an Ana text buddy because my wifi sucks. If you’re interested, chat me on kik so I can give you my number. Geek_chic_me. I’m 14.5, 119 lbs and 5’6.

  351. I need a buddy who won’t ghost on me! Alice 19 years, 5’0ft, 105lbs. My kik is moosewifey. I prefer to message on my phone though so if you have a US phone contact me on kik and I will give you my number.

  352. need a pro ana buddy asp spinnerxoxo@gmail.com or my kik spinnerxoxo

  353. toxic.marie says:

    im currently 171 pounds (im a cw i know) and 5’7. im looking for a strict ana buddy. you can email me @ samantha.m.reyes@outlook.com or follow me @toxic.marie

  354. Looking for a pro ana buddy. My email is khadired@hotmail.co.uk. Im about 5’2 CW: 120lbs GW: 100lbs or less!
    Lets do this together !

  355. need a ana coach asap!!! I need to lose so much weight and I am still struggling so much with the urge to eat. I used to be so tiny and now I am a monster. My email is actsofwhiskey@outlook.com
    23 years old. CW 250 GW 180. much love!

  356. I need a buddy/coach asap! I really need help losing weight right now. My kik is: fluffstuffkins!

  357. I have been Ana before and am starting to relapse. I need an Ana buddy to help me stay on track.

  358. Hey guys! I need a buddy to keep me on track and motivated to not go over my calorie restriction. Here’s my kik: SamanthaTurtle or my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samantha.tolentino.3110

  359. I need an ana buddy. My snapchat is gracie_hines11
    I am 5’8 and 133 pounds.

  360. 5″7
    SW: 210
    CW: 145
    GW: 120
    Looking for an Ana buddy

  361. I’m not sure how active this site is right now but I really need a pro Ana buddy to help me out! I’m really unhappy with my body and I need to change it! I’m 16
    CW: 142
    GW: 120

    If you’re interested please contact me at my Instagram: cher_raspberry

  362. Cassie here, I’m looking for a pro ana coach or buddy in the UK time zone, with similar stats and above 18.
    My Stats are
    Age 20
    Heigh 5’2
    CW 111ibs
    Kik: CassieElster

  363. Shauna smith says:

    I really need a buddy to help me loose a lot of weight and fast. Snapchat me I need help – shaunaroseyxx

  364. Hey im really looking for a strict ana coach or just a buddy Kik Lilystarr1616

  365. Really need a ana buddy/coach!!! Someone olease help I’d really appreciate it!
    Snap; sexygurljade

  366. Hey I’m really fat and just finally realized I need to lose weight desperately. I have trouble with movation and could really use help,tips,tricks etc. whatever you know that could help me.
    Email: bvbisamazing35@gmail.com

  367. Is there anyone that would like to be buddies? My email is kahmillamadrid@yahoo.com

  368. regan reilly says:

    starting weight:145
    Current W:95
    goal w:80
    hey im a girl from Canada I’ve been doing numerous ana diets for about a year anyone wanna be my buddy i don’t wanna slack I need a friend to help me through it my kik is purrykitty100 🙂

  369. Valentine says:

    Looking for a buddy, a strong and determined one.
    My name is Valentine and I’m French ( I speak English too) but also fat… I’m gonna turn 20 soon.
    Please contact me asap!!!I need help to loose weigh!!!
    Kik: Valentineww

  370. Just A Girl says:

    I need an ana buddy to help me please email me @ justagirlonetwothree@gmail.com

  371. I desperately need a buddy!! I am 20 & my kik is maddiemystery. Need someone to help me out and motivate me.. anyone?

    • I am in timezone CET, so it would be nice to have someone close to that! Won’t mind a few hours back or forth though 🙂

  372. i need help says:

    Hey. I have had troubles keeping up with my diet and have no idea what i’m doing. I really need someone strict to coach me and help me out here. Kik: eliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiina

  373. i would like someone strict if you have it and contactme on my email rosiebebo@yahoo.com

  374. natascha A. says:

    I really do need a strict ana buddy to motivate me and help me to loose weight. I wan’t the coach to be mean to me and tells me what i do wrong.
    my kik is: tazxproana
    My snapchat is: tascha140201
    My Email is: natascha.aa333@gmail.com
    send me a message if you want to help me, and if you need help too. Then I”ll help you too.

  375. Emily Jane Leigh says:

    unfortunately, I don’t know my weight and such, I legit need someone who can help distract me when I’m hungry because it’s getting too much now. My names Emily and I’m 19 in the uk. kik : Emmy294

  376. Someone please message me on kik I need help Im so fat

  377. Hi, I’m Tazha, female, 5’9, current weight is 135lbs, goal weight is 115. I need a strict coach. Ruthless. The only thing I will not do is send naked pics. SnapChat: vrashid1 Twitter: thinspired0 PLEASE HELP ME!

  378. Hey I am looking for an ana buddy!
    Height: 5’10
    CW: 155
    Current GW: 139
    UGW: 114
    Instagram: kassidylynnmanning
    Tumblr: mustloselbs
    For my number contact me on social media

  379. I NEED a strict coach I’ll do anything go loose weight kik- mandygrace.

  380. Mackenzie says:

    Hi I really need a strict and buddy if anyone can help my insta is Jennie grace and my email is mackenziemayo@yahoo. com

  381. I need someone to help me get thin again. I gained a lot and feel so gross.

    please kik me @rorakun

    let’s do this together <3

  382. Stephanie Winkler says:

    Starting tomorrow! Could really use a buddy close to my age!!
    Femal 29
    CW 161
    GW 115
    Kik name- sbragg04

  383. Hi, Im looking for an ana buddy. Add me on kik – rhiannaxify

  384. Proana dancer says:

    Hey I need a pro ana buddy to chat with I do not have kid but if anyone has Tumblr or would like to email we can chat and I need someone really harsh.

  385. Hey I need a buddy ! I am 5’6 so that would be cool if someone with the same hight could help?
    Cw- 128
    Lw- 150

    Snap – shae_203

  386. Hey guys, i need a pro ana buddy, email is alexadams1357@gmail.com.au

  387. Hi! I’m looking for an ana buddy/coach that will be strict and motivate me. I just started taking Concerta (prescribed) so it’s been kind of easy to not eat or think of food. I just need help with not breaking down and caving for snacks sometimes, and learning tips about how to hide it & have the quickest results. Or even just someone I can talk to about the process, just as a friend. 🙂

    Current Weight: 170 pounds
    Goal Weight: 110 pounds
    Height: 5’2″
    Age: 19

    kik: veerose3

  388. Hey, my name is Isabella, and I’m looking for a Pro Ana buddy. I am 5’5, CW: 188lbs, GW: 153lbs, and my UGW: 120lbs.
    I am female and 17yrs. I am looking for a female around my age. I just need moral support and help through this Journey.
    Please contact as soon as possible. Thank you
    Email: babybellajasperwhitlock@gmail.com
    Hangouts: Isabella Whitlock
    Someone Please help me!!

  389. Isabella Whitlock says:

    Hi my name is Isabella, I need a supportive and motivating ana buddy,
    HEIGHT: 5’5
    GENDER: Female

    I really need an Ana buddy!
    Kik: PaulsKitty
    Please contact soon, thank you!

  390. Isabella Whitlock says:

    Hi my name is Isabella, I need a supportive and motivating ana buddy,
    CW:191LBS :(:(
    HEIGHT: 5’5
    GENDER: Female

    I really need an Ana buddy!
    Kik: PaulsKitty
    Please contact soon, thank you!

  391. Isabella says:

    Hi, I am looking. A female Pro ana buddy. I a looking for strict yet supportive.
    My stats:
    Cw 192lbs
    Gw 152lbs
    Ugw 120lbs
    KIK PaulsKitten
    Instagram littlebabygirl
    Hangouts Isabella Whitlock
    Email babybellajasperwhitlock@gmail.com

    Contact ASAP
    Thank you

  392. Don’t know if anyone will see this but I am looking for a buddy or coach to help me.
    Kik me: girlwithaplan1

  393. Hi, I’m 5’7 and 19 yrs old. CW: 147 lbs GW: 120. I am currently going to school in New York and live in California. I am already vegetarian and have been for years, but I’m not getting enough the results I want. I have tried for years to be on my own and I just need the extra help. My email is Alimarks52@gmail.com and my snap is alisamaemarks

  394. I would really like a pro Ana buddy to help me and I can help in return if you would like. I would prefer someone strict and that I could talk to often. My email is bella.crosby3@gmail.com even if you don’t see this until months later please still email me.

  395. Im a 18 year old girl, 157cm and 72kg I’m very ashamed of my weight and I need motivation so if anyone would like to help me through my journey that would be great.

  396. I need a pro ana buddy to help me I weight 67 kg and 160 cm Im a girl 18 y/o
    this is my kik: obadia97 please help me

  397. Same, I’m 20, 63 kg, 162 cm, girl ,and I really need a buddy too. Are you still interested? I’ll add you on kik

  398. Kindaskinny says:

    I’m a girl, I’m 63kg and 162 cm and I’ve been proana for 6 months or so and i REALLY want a proana buddy to help me out,

    KIK: kindaskinny

  399. Hey! I’m also 2 and in need of an ana buddy!! I’m 5’6, 57 kg, and my GW is 50 kg. My kik is tubbybunny13 add me!! 🙂

  400. Sorry I meant 20!

  401. I’d like to help each other if you want contact me by my email Boutainas92@gmail.com
    I’m a girl too, i’m 19 years old and i need a buddy to talk with 🙂

  402. Looking for an Ana buddy on whatsapp or snapchat. Preferably someone who is also tall and around 22 years old.


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