5 Delicious Low Calorie Food Recipes For Weight Loss Diet

So, you are on a diet and have decided to eat less than a certain number of calories for the day. The first thing you need to do is, sort out and prepare a list of low calorie foods that you can eat on your diet. You should try make a list of foods that should cover all the necessary vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to stay working. Below, we will tell you about the 5 best low calorie foods that you can eat on a weight loss diet. We have provided the recipes of these foods so that you … [Read more...]

Pro Thinspo Tips and Tricks: Your Guide to Thinspiration

To lose weight fast you’ll have to be highly dedicated towards your diet plan and follow a set of good thinspo tips that actually helps to lose weight. The term thinspiration has been tossed by the pro ana community and is very commonly used to represent things that promote getting slim fast. This guide include some of the best thinspo tips and tricks that will help people lose extra weight and get fit. Sometimes people also get confused with another close term called Fitspo. It is often … [Read more...]

5 Things You’ll Need Before Starting a Weight loss Diet

Every day a lot of people start dieting but only 10 to 20% of them are able to get actual results from them. Losing weight is not an easy task and especially for people who do not take diets seriously. While following a weight loss diet there are several aspects that, if not taken seriously can cause the diet to fail. A person needs to be very disciplined about the diet routines and shouldn’t take a cheat meal more than once in a week. What is Required on a Weight Loss Diet In this article, we … [Read more...]

Things To Know Before Starting an Anorexic Diet Plan

These days we are seeing a lot of requests from people that they want to follow anorexic diet plans to lose weight. But, a lot of them don’t even know what is the ana lifestyle and how can it be used to get fit and lose weight. We try to teach people how they can safely use anorexic diet to get fit and not harm your body in any form. Actually, Anorexia is not a thing to be taken as a joke or just a diet plan. The modern term ana diet has been evolved from the eating disorder Anorexia in which … [Read more...]

Ana Boot Camp (ABC) and 2468 Diet Plan:Results Compared

There are various type of diet plans that claim to be the best and fastest at losing weight. A few of them, which are most popular in the world of ana diets are, The Ana Boot Camp(ABC Diet) and the 2468 Diet plan. Many people who follow the pro ana lifestyle to lose weight know about these two diets. But the big question here is that, does the ABC diet and the 2468 diet actually works and which diet's results are better. Many people showoff their before and after images after trying these diets, … [Read more...]