Pro Thinspo Tips and Tricks: Your Guide to Thinspiration

To lose weight fast you’ll have to be highly dedicated towards your diet plan and follow a set of good thinspo tips that actually helps to lose weight. The term thinspiration has been tossed by the pro ana community and is very commonly used to represent things that promote getting slim fast. This guide include some of the best thinspo tips and tricks that will help people lose extra weight and get fit. Sometimes people also get confused with another close term called Fitspo. It is often confused with thinspo but it basically means things that motivate you to be fit and muscular. We’ve also added some of the best thinspo and fitspo images with good quotes at the end of this post to get you beach ready for the Summer 2016. Now, let us tell you some of the best thinspo tips that you can follow that perfect slim body you always wanted.

Best Pro Ana Thinspo Tips and Tricks

Only Eat Healthy Foods. Don’t eat foods that contain high amount of calories and fat instead go for foods that are fiber rich and have less or zero fat. Avoid any kind of junk food under any circumstances. They are very unhealthy plus they make you fat.fitspo pics

Eat At Fixed Timings. You should not eat at random timings, that way you’ll end up eating much more than you should. Keep your meal timings fixed and eat only on those times. That way keeping a good routine keeps your body active without over eating.

Drink Green Tea. Green tea is a very healthy drink. Many of the thinspiration diets include green tea as a very important part of the diet. Whenever someone asks me for thinspo tips, I always suggest them drinking green tea as one of the first things. It freshens you up and helps you lose weight faster. Green tea also has anti-oxidents which will make your skin look great.

Pamper Yourself. Go out and buy yourself some short clothes, makeup and pamper yourself. You are no less than that perfect model you always wanted to look like. Start behaving like your slim and beautiful and you soon will be. Buying yourself new stuff will motivate you to work harder to achieve your fitspo goals.

Maintain a Diary. Start writing everything that you do and decide that way it will be easier to follow. You can do this by writing a diary or starting your own blog. Write about everything you want to do and the time table that you follow. It will help you evaluate yourself.

Eat Small Meals. If you want to get thin fast it is highly recommended that you eat 5-6 small meals in the whole day instead of 2-3 huge meals. Small meals will make you feel like you are full and that too without eating too much. This way your calorie intake will also lower down resulting in, you getting slim.

Follow Supermodels. Stick images of your favorite models on the walls of your room or your cellphone to keep yourself motivated every time. This way you know what you are working for at all times of the day. But be careful who you follow. Decide your role models carefully.

Drink Lots of Water. Drink at least one full glass of water every hour or two. Drinking water is healthy for your digestive system and also helps you lose weight as you’ll feel full with eating lesser amounts of food. Keep a water bottle somewhere you’ll see it a lot, that way you’ll be able drink much more water than you would’ve been otherwise.

Mirror is your best friend. Eat in front of a mirror so that you know how far are you from your goals and how much you need to eat to stay fit. Wear short clothes and look at yourself, that will help you stay motivated for the diet. Also, while eating prefer a dark colored plate, that way you’ll eat lesser.

Workout is the key. For all of you looking for fitspo tips, workout is as much important as the diet which you are following to get slim. If you are not a person that can do a lot of workout then at least you can do is do a lot of Aerobics, they keep you active and helps losing weight. You can also follow our pro ana workout plans if you think you can do exercises.

Eat dinner before 7 pm. Also known as 7 am to 7 pm diet, it suggests that you eat your meals within morning 7am to evening 7 pm. The reason behind this is, if you eat dinner just before going to sleep, your body doesn’t gets enough time to burn the calories and those calories end up making you fat. So make sure you have a small dinner and that too before 7 pm.

Eat Slowly. Whenever you eat your meals, eat them slowly. That way you will feel full with lesser amount of food. This is because of the reason that our mind takes upto 20 minutes to realize that our stomach is full now. So,  by eating slowly our brain will know that the stomach is full at right time and you will not over eat.

Drink Cold and Take a Cold water bath. Whenever you drink cold water or take a bath with cold water your body temperature cools down and the body has to burn some amount of calories to regain the heat. But, this does not means you should take bath with cold water everyday, you can do it in summers or when its not that cold weather, to prevent yourself from getting ill.

Go for Running. Running is a very healthy habit to keep your body active and in good shape. Maintain a habit of going for a run in either morning or evening. A good run can help you burn a lot of those extra calories in your body and help you proceed in your fitspo diet plan.

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Over To You

We hope you liked these thinspo tips and tricks and will follow them in your thinspiration diet plan. We assure you that if you follow the above things then you’ll surely get better results. If you know any other thing that you think should be added to this post or have any kind of query, then feel free to leave a comment below. Otherwise, don’t forget to share this post with your pro ana friends.


  1. Some good workout tips for people who don’t necessarily like working out is to jump rope or try dancing, like Zumba. Cardio is a simple way to lose some calories

  2. Frances says:

    I find that doing a few light exercises (abs or arms) right before bed and right when you wake up can be really helpful for burning a few extra calories and getting toned without adding any bulk of muscle! I do like 20 crunches and 10 pushups right when I wake up and right before I sleep.

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